A good portion of the business data that a company needs doesn't originate in-house, but rather it exists in the field, in their customers or in their customers systems.  Collecting this information, transforming and integrating it into a form that can be analyzed, and making it accessible within a secure environment is real challenge.

We've helped clients overcome this challenge by building an infrastructure on top of the best commercial cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform available, which facilities easy and secure movement of data into the cloud.  Users can collect data on smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers and have those data pushed into the analysis system.  Types of data that we can handle include structured information from relational and NoSQL databases, textual and form-based data, scanned images of printed or handwritten forms and numerical/binary data.  We're confident we can collect the data you need.

Once data has been collected it typically needs to be transformed into both the proper format and data model necessary for integration with the company's financial, customer relationship management, or analytics systems.  Light Castle has deep expertise in creating software that can automatically map multiple data sources into a single, unified model.

The purpose of collecting, transforming and integrating data is to create the right environment for full-spectrum business analytics.